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Patients, who requested our support, receive several individual programms for cancer treatment in different countries. Countries and hospitals are selected in accordance with type of oncological illnesses, effectiveness of treatments and possible budget.

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Cancer treatment abroad

In recent years, many types of cancer have moved from the category of incurable and difficult to treat to the category of diseases that are successfully treated with using modern techniques. This was achieved due to the dedicated work of doctors, who not only studied in depth the mechanisms for the emergence, development and spread of oncology, but also looked for ways to fight various cancer types. Doctors working in leading cancer treatment and research centers in Israel, Europe and the United States have an access to all latest achievements of modern science. It may safely be said that in 2019 all medical technologies that are used abroad for cancer treatment have been significantly improved. And this, of course, helped to achieve excellent results and improve recovery rates in many types of cancer pathologies. Cancer treatment efficacy rates are currently 95% and above today. Of course, it cannot be said that it applies to all types of cancer, but early detection (special attention to diagnostic has been given in Europe and Israel) can even successfully cope with those oncopathologies that are distinguished by swiftness of course and active metastasis. The cost of medical services in major European and Israeli clinics can not be called inflated, the price for them is quite affordable. As for the quality of treatment, it is undoubtedly at the highest level.
It is safe to say that the cost of medical procedure is justified and sensible. That is why patients from different countries choose cancer treatment abroad, trusting the qualifications of doctors working in leading oncological centres. Cancer treatment abroad (in Israel and Europe) provides an opportunity to receive highly qualified medical care from leading oncologists in the best medical centers. The first stage of providing medical care for oncology abroad is the examination (the cost of diagnostic measures is clearly indicated even before the patients arrive at the clinic). This is due to the fact that diagnostic centers in Europe and Israel are equipped with the most modern medical equipment, which makes it possible to get the most accurate picture of the pathological process and, based on the results, choose the most effective cnacer treatment for patient. The experience of treating oncologic diseases abroad shows that the results of the passage of specifying diagnostics by patients from other countries may differ from those obtained from their homeland. This is explained by the fact that diagnostic centers are equipped with more modern and high-precision equipment.

Features of cancer medical care.

The method of cancer treatment is chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, the stage of oncological illnesses, the presence of a metastatic process, etc. It can be both therapeutic and surgical methods. The use of recent advances in pharmacology, radiation therapy, the emergence of robotics, gamma-knife and other medical developments for the treatment of cancer can achieve positive results even in the most severe cases (this is proved by the statistics of recovery, both in previous years and 2018).

Stages of treatment:

  • Preliminary consultations;
  • Clarifying diagnostics after arrival to the medical center;
  • Inspection by a specialist and the choice of methods;
  • Directly treatment;
  • Rehabilitation.
Patients are interested in many issues related to the upcoming medical travel abroad. Organizational issues, the choice of a doctor and hospital, and, of course, the cost of medical services. It should be understood that during the preliminary negotiations is called the estimated cost, i.e. the price of the procedures (diagnostic and therapeutic) to be used. Final price of cancer treatment will be calculated, when patient passed necessary diagnostic, and got treatment tactics. But the prices for medical services themselves will remain unchanged. More information about the features of cancer treatment abroad can be obtained from our consultants.

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