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About us

Who we are?

HospNDoc is a leader in providing independent and reliable information about cancer treatment abroad. Successful new techniques and advances in medical technologies help to save thousands of lives.

Our service is simple and easy for usage. You can choose the country, hospital and/or specialist yourself or, indeed, trust it to us. In addition, you get a completely free service, which includes a personal coordinator and patient support 24 hours a day for any organizational and medical issues.

You can get full information about the world rating of clinics. Our web platform collect all the reviews about hospitals written by patients, who treated in this medical centre. The purpose of reviews is to create maximum transparency and truthfulness of the hospital rating, which can help others to choose a country and hospital in the future. Feel free to add comments about your experiences with foreign hospital. We value and respect the opinion and experience of each person!

HospNDoc-we care about you, we know how to help you!

About us

Our mission

  • Independent information

    Independent information:
    Provide an impartial source of information about the best hospitals and the level of quality of care available in different countries.

  • Transparency

    Achieve maximum transparency, both medical and financial, between the patient and the clinic.

  • Choose a clinic for the right price

    Choose a clinic for the right price:
    Provide information and help to choose a clinic that meets financial opportunities.

  • Protection of Your interests

    Protection of Your interests:
    Protect You from health care providers who do not have the appropriate licenses and unscrupulous intermediaries of medical tourism.

  • Reliable rating

    Reliable rating:
    Provide a rating platform for collecting feedback. All reviewers are identified!

  • Live forum

    Live forum:
    Promote and provide a live forum for communication between patients. Everyone can share their opinion.

  • Second opinion of the doctor

    Second opinion of the doctor:
    Data collection, selection of the leading specialist and technical organization of the second opinion of the doctor to the patient.

  • Multilanguage

    Provide access to information in different languages. Our coordination centre is multilingual.

Our mission is to provide everyone with access to the necessary medical solutions. Assistance and support at all steps: from the patient’s request to their coming back home after the treatment.

Our patients should know

Please, don't doubt. Don't wait for it'll be too late.
  • 1
    It is really important to us that patients realize - their diagnosis is not a death sentence. It is only a disease, sometimes very difficult, that has to be fought rapidly.
  • 2
    Statistics is an abstract issues for a lot of people. But, nevertheless, let us focus on the early stages of cancer, you have a 100% chance of curing it. Moreover, it can be successful for people who've already beaten cancer once or twice, and want to find a way to keep it from coming back. This proves a successful practice of foreign oncology centers.
  • 3
    There are many effective ways of treating for patients with advanced cancer. Also it comes to cancer diseases that were previously thought to be incurable. The unique technique of treating allows not only save lives, but also gives the opportunity to return to a full life. It give yourself and family joy of your recovery.

We guarantee an individual care to each problem,
who contact us

We will give you exhaustive information on all issues that interest you. You will nothing to lose by letting our consultants talk to you. But their answers can help you in choosing the right clinic for effectively combat of insidious disease such as oncology.

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Why choose us?

  • Always be in touch

    Always be in touch

    Receiving preliminary consultations and providing information on all further treatment options on the basis of the primary medical documentation provided. You will receive objective information about the treatment of cancer abroad, because we do not provide the interests of one particular clinic.

  • The choice is always yours

    The choice is always yours

    We will help you to choose and establish contact with your chosen clinic, its doctors and administration, which in the future will accept you as their patient and will clearly comply with all agreements, taking into account the new information that will appear after the clarifying diagnosis. You choose the option that suits you!

  • Help at every stage

    Help at every stage

    Get detailed information related to the organization of treatment abroad. Since the patient may require individual support during their stay in a foreign country, meeting at the airport, providing a place to stay in preparation for subsequent medical procedures (rent an apartment or a hotel room). We will help to solve any unforeseen problems during the trip.

  • We speak Your language

    We speak Your language

    Providing all the details about the patient's condition and the necessary documentation, as well as subsequent recommendations in accordance with your condition at the time of discharge from the clinic is provided by your chosen cancer center. You get all the information in Your native language, forget about the language barrier.

How much are our services?

Services of our service — $ 0.00 You pay only directly to the clinic.

We work with medical institutions, under direct contracts, so our services do not cause a rise in the cost of treatment.
Our service provides special low prices, which are available only to those who have applied to our website.

Forget about intermediaries, with our service you will not need them. Save your time and money!

Where to start?

There are several ways to get an initial consultation

What you will learn at the first phone contact

Get comprehensive information on the following aspects of staying abroad:

  • All technical and medical issues on cancer control abroad
  • Choice of doctors with narrow specialization and leading specialized clinics with suitable equipment
  • Details on the possibilities of cancer diagnosis, which will help not only during the detection of the problem, but also for a more accurate setting of tumor size, the presence of metastases and correction of medical procedures
  • Detailed analysis of your prospects. the Presence of several treatments for each type of cancer, which you will be informed with the necessary and understandable explanations will help you to choose a clinic and an experienced doctor with a high level of qualification. It is worth considering that after your arrival abroad you will definitely have an additional, clarifying diagnosis, and it will be the basis for doctors who will determine the most effective plan of subsequent treatment in your chosen country.
  • The Cost of your stay at the medical center. This is a sensitive issue, and the financial capacity of each patient is different. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to bypass it, and without it the information will not be complete. Therefore, we provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the fair prices of clinics. We prepare and send to medical centers documentation for drawing up the individual program with the prices of procedures.

I do not want to fall to the banal expressions, but believe me, it is really important to help us. And at the same time you can be sure that all stages of diagnosis and treatment will be carried out by doctors with extensive experience and high qualification with the help of high-quality, accurate and modern equipment. In addition, if necessary, we will help to organize the best option of living abroad (according to your preferences and opportunities) and provide comprehensive assistance. After all, we realize that any inconvenience and anxiety can damage, and a good mood – to become an ally on the way to recovery.

We will help each patient in the selection of
cancer center and the best oncologist

We will be glad if after the help provided by doctors abroad, you will get rid of health problems and be able to live happily again, without fear of the return of a dangerous disease.
Get an individual cancer treatment program

Our team

When selecting a team of our specialists, we are guided by the depth of their knowledge in all aspects of medicine, the ability to self-development, understanding the complexity of the situation in which people are diagnosed with cancer. As well as other qualities that allow you to help the patient as soon as possible, while not forgetting about the quality and reliability.

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