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By using the Website and/or Our Services, the User fully accepts this privacy Policy and authorizes the Company to collect, use and/or disclose information in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and the User confirms that We have the right to Perform such actions.We inform You that Your personal data is collected for legitimate purposes. Without your personal data, We will not be able to provide You with the Services you have Chosen. Therefore, the collection of personal data is necessary and directly relates to our purpose.By using The website and Services, You confirm that you have sufficient legal capacity and ability to act in accordance with the laws of Your country to consent to this Agreement and agree to the processing of Your personal data in accordance with the terms set forth herein. If You do not have sufficient legal capacity, You hereby confirm that consent to this Agreement has been granted by Your parents or Trustees having full civil legal capacity, and have the right to give such consent in accordance with the laws of Your country.Your submission of personal data is voluntary. It is up to you to decide whether You want to provide Us with your personal data. However, if You want to use Our Services, You will need to disclose the personal data specified in this Agreement. Your personal data will be used to enable Us to provide You with Our Services.WorldMed Service declares and assumes responsibility for the protection of the user’s personal data. This document contains the rules by which such data are collected and/or used, as well as the reasons for the disclosure of such data. These rules apply to all personal data collected by WorldMed Service .We reserve the right to revise and change the Agreement. If we make any changes to this privacy Policy, We will notify You by updating the date at the top of this Policy, so We recommend that you visit this Agreement from time to time. We strongly encourage you to read the Policy when you log in to the Website in order to be aware of our information methods and ways in which You can help protect your privacy.If You do not agree with the entire Agreement, or with some of its provisions, please immediately stop using this Website and/or the Services provided on it.GLOSSARYThe owner of personal data is a person who determines the purpose of personal data processing, establishes the composition of this information and the procedures for their processing, unless otherwise provided by law;Consent – any voluntary expression of a person’s will to grant permission for the processing of personal data in accordance with the stated purpose of processing;Processing of personal data – any action or set of actions Performed in whole or in part in information systems related to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, update, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal information;Personal data/Personally identifiable information (“PII”) – any information relating to an identified living person or a living person that can be identified;Specific information is any information that describes You as an individual and describes Your specific condition. Such information may include the following, the list provided is not exhaustive: information on medical status, health, sexual life, habits, racial or ethnic origin or religious beliefs, etc.A medical provider is any medical institution that provides medical services to different kinds of patients on behalf of and/or as a partner of WorldMed Service.THE COLLECTION AND USE OF INFORMATIONInformation that is collected automaticallyWhen you use our Website and/or our Services, certain information is collected automatically. By entering and using the Site and Services, You consent to the processing and collection of the following information:Log files: We record information about the use of the Site, including the IP address, the address of another site from which the User accessed the site, time of visit, browser type and language version.Device information: We collect information about the device (hereinafter referred to as the “device”) that You use to access the Website, including information about the software and hardware of the device, etc.Usage information: We collect information about your use of the Site, including Your actions on the Site, if such actions are present.Geolocation information: We collect information about Your geolocation.We may also obtain information from other sources and combine it with information we collect through the Website.How do we use this information?The information that is collected is automatically collected for the following purposes, the list is not exhaustive:Inform the User about the latest updates of the Website and/or Service.Notify the User of any special offers that may be available on our Website.Comply with applicable laws.To provide You with all the functionality of the Website and Services.To collect domestic intelligence and to improve Our service.Information that is provided by YouIn order to use the full functionality of the Website and Services, You may be asked for certain personal and specific information, including when creating a Personal account (for more detailed information about the work of the Personal account, please read our Terms of Use)the list provided is not exhaustive:FIO.Age/date of birth.Address.Phone number.Email address.A copy of the document or a copy of the identity document number.Any visitor has the right to get acquainted with the information posted on the site without mandatory registration.In order for Us to be able to provide You with the services in full, You need to provide us with a brief description of your request in a special form on our Website. Such request may contain medical and other personal and/or confidential data. Be careful when providing such data. The need for such data usually arises during preliminary negotiations on treatment, for correspondence consultation with a specialist and other similar cases, for example, when establishing contacts with clinics and doctors. The received information is fully provided to the staff of the clinic you are interested in (one or more, at your choice). This procedure is a prerequisite for cooperation with medical institutions of foreign clinics.WorldMed Service makes every effort to keep such and other information collected from You, in integrity and safety, but We can not provide full security due to unforeseen technical problems and/or other causes and actions that are beyond Our control. Therefore, You are solely responsible for providing information in any part of our Website and/or Services. However, You can make a request to one of the representatives of the Company WorldMed Service in providing You with access to Your personal data for making appropriate corrections to them, if You believe that Your information is inaccurate. For further information regarding such a request, please contact Us at office@hospndoc.com THE ADDRESS OF THE VISITOR After the visitor fills in the required lines in the application, it goes to the information Department of our website. Employees of the site are the link between the applicant (or his proxies) and representatives of the clinic (contact persons, doctors or other employees authorized to conduct preliminary negotiations), who provide the necessary information, conduct correspondence consultations, etc.

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