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Date of last update: 15/05/2018

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These terms of Use (“Terms”) together with Our Privacy Policy constitute the entire Agreement between 2614165 ONTARIO INC. located at: 35 HOLLYWOOD AVE, NORTH YORK, ONTARIO, CANADA.

(hereinafter referred to as “WorldMed Service”, “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) and You as a User (hereinafter referred to as “You”, “Your”, “User”, “Client”, “Patient”).

This Agreement governs your use of the company’s Website https://worldmed.info/ (“Website”), as well as Services provided by WorldMed Service (“Service”, “Services”).

By using The website and/or Services, You represent and warrant that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and that You will use reasonable efforts to comply with these terms and Conditions. If You do not agree with this Agreement or part of it, immediately stop using The website and/or Services.

WorldMed Service reserves the right to periodically revise the terms of the Agreement with or without prior notice to the User. It is your sole responsibility to check periodically for any changes or updates to this Agreement. If You do not agree with the new updated version of the Agreement, stop using the Website and/or the Service.

NOTE: In order to use the WorldMed Service Website and the Services provided on it, You must be of legal age and have the right to use The website and Services in accordance with the laws of Your country. If You are under the age of majority please stop using The website and/or Services. We reserve the right to terminate the Contract between WorldMed Service and a person under the age of majority, at Our discretion and without notice to the person.
Terms and definitions used in the Terms of Use

The following terms and definitions in the terms Of Use shall have the following meanings:

The name of the website WorldMed Service

Incorporated/INC – 2614165 ONTARIO INC. That was 2614165, the owner of the website – https://worldmed.info/.

Website – Internet resource in the information-telecommunication network “Internet”, which may be accessed from various user devices by using a special software to view web pages (web browser), located in the Internet at the following address: http://worldmed.info/

Terms of Use – these terms governing the relationship between the WorldMed Service and the users of the Website, when using it and containing all the necessary conditions.

Services (Services) – a set of computer programs, databases that ensure the functioning of the Website, as well as a set of services (Services) provided to users when using the Website.

User – any individual over the age of 18 who uses the Website, therefore, has accepted the terms of this Terms of Use;

Login – e-mail address specified by the User when registering on the Website.

Password – a combination of numbers and letters, which together with the login allows you to identify the User, as well as to enter the personal account on the Website.

Personal account – a closed part of the Website that contains user data, information about it, an account and through which the User can manage the services (services) Of the website, as well as other information provided for in these Terms of Use.

Credentials – login and password created by the User when registering on the Website to access and use the personal account.

Registration – a set of user actions on the Website, in accordance with the instructions that allow you to create A personal account for the use of services (services) of The website.

Personal data – personal data of the User referred to as such in accordance with the current legislation of Canada.

The subject of personal data is the user Of the Website.


Worldmed Service is a platform that provides information to the User about medical services and their providers. By using The website and/or Services, You as a User are provided with a wide range of medical services, including but not limited to hospitals and clinics (“Medical Providers”).

WorldMed Service does not assign a specific health care Provider to a Patient, but provides a list based on the specific needs of the patient (e.g. language, country, medical status, etc.), consisting of the most appropriate Health Providers, Such list of Health Providers will contain the following information about the Health Provider: name, address, experience, specialization, etc. Based on the information provided in the list, the Patient has the right to choose with which Health Provider to make an appointment.

Information about the Medical Providers presented on the Web site, or going directly from the Medical provider, or manually from a safe, in our opinion, sources. We do our best to ensure that such information is accurate and up to date. However, WorldMed Service cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and relevance of such information. WorldMed Service is not responsible for failure to provide accurate information from a Healthcare Provider, nor can the Website be considered as representing, confirming or endorsing the quality of service and specialization of Healthcare Providers.

NOTE: WorldMed Service is not a health care provider, but an intermediary between the User and the Health care Provider. Therefore, any information provided on the Website and/or information provided through the Service, including information provided by Medical Providers and any other third parties, cannot be considered as proper medical advice or medical examination and cannot be used to make an independent decision to start or stop treatment.

Basically, Users do not pay for the services of WorldMed Service. However, there may be cases of ordering additional services for an additional fee, for more detailed information regarding the provision of additional services, please contact us by writing to Our e-mail почты:office@worldmed.info ahhh!

Users of the site (resource) should take into account that the Terms of Use are a public offer. Thus, if the User orders additional services of WorldMed Service and sends an e-mail confirming such order, such letter will be considered an Offer for the conclusion of the contract. Going to the web address specified in the response letter is considered as an Acceptance of the Offer, such Acceptance is binding. Thus, by going to the web address specified in the e-mail, the User explicitly agrees to the conclusion of the contract and fulfillment of obligations, including payment for the ordered services.

Terms of Use of The worldmed Service Website, concluded in the form of a public offer does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form.

The payment for the services of The worldmed Service Website is determined by the Terms of Use, as well as other rules and agreements, which are an integral part of these terms and Conditions determining the cost and procedure for the provision of individual ordered services.


To fully use the full range of services provided by WorldMed Service, you may need to create a Personal account. Personal Account is created automatically when you make an application on the site. The personal Account can be used to provide and adjust Your personal data (for more information on the procedure of collection, use and/or transfer of Your personal data, please read our privacy Policy).

Moreover, in Your personal Account You can download Your medical materials. Also in Your personal Account You have the opportunity to leave Your request and choose a treatment program in one of the presented Medical Providers. In Your personal Account, You can leave your feedback about the quality of the conversation with one of our coordinators.


WorldMed Service provides its Users with a second opinion service at the request of the User.

Second opinion is a service provided by WorldMed Service, the service includes an assessment of the past and present state (s) of the User, an analysis of the medical history, a diagnosis and treatment plan conducted by our coordinators. The provision of this service may depend on the status of the User. To be able to use the further support service, the User must obtain prior care from a local health professional before getting a second opinion from the WorldMed Service.

By ordering a second opinion service, the User agrees and accepts the following:

The resulting diagnosis is limited and conditional;
The second Opinion is not considered and is not intended to replace a full medical examination or personal visit to the doctor;
Medical professionals who provide services through the Website and its portals do not have important information that is usually collected through personal examination;
The absence of a personal examination may affect the ability of a health professional to diagnose a condition, illness, or injury.

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