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Training of doctors abroad

Training for doctors is very important part of their work. Thousands of doctors are annually sent to different countries of the world to exchange experience and improve their skills. Leaders in this area are:

  • Israel;
  • Canada;
  • Turkey;
  • Italy.

The unique combination of high-tech medical equipment, invaluable scientific and practical experience of doctors in foreign clinics, allows us to achieve truly phenomenal results in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer.

Over decades of work with doctors from around the world, we have developed unique programs in each of the areas of medicine for training, professional development and exchange of experience.

Our programs are designed for 3 weeks term or for one year. These programs allow you to fully immerse yourself in the work of foreign hospitals and clinics and participate in treatment with the world’s leading doctors. At the end of each program, personal certificates are issued from the clinic of the country you have chosen.

Professional development programs are designed not only for doctors and surgeons, but also for Junior medical staff, as well as heads of clinics and medical centers.

If you interested in this programs, please leave your request on our web site. You will get full information with the clinic’s medical representative.

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